Closed Runway Procedures


May 20, 2015
Is tower allowed to issue an altitude restricted low approach over a closed runway?
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May 24, 2009
Yes, an altitude restricted low approach can be conducted over a closed runway...doesn't matter the reason for why the runway is closed.
You don't need to tell all personnel that low approaches will still be conducted. The airport authority should have already told them because your facility should have already told the airport that you're still going to conduct low approaches.

If you don't think that 500 feet above the runway is sufficient, you can choose a higher altitude. 3-10-10 says that 1,000' is more appropriate for heavy and super. You can taxi aircraft across the runway with someone on an altitude restricted low approach, you just can't have them overfly an aircraft in position or on departure roll.

3-3-2 about closed/unsafe runways....of course it doesn't mention low approaches in that section, because a low approach over a closed runway isn't unsafe.

Did this come up because of a Cessna wanting to take pictures of aircraft parked on the runways?
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