Colonel/ZFW - Retired, Not Yet Deceased


Oct 4, 2018
As I said, I retired (FPL/CPC at ZFW) back in 2008, after which I continued working (another "gummint" entity nearby) so I probably won't be able to participate much but I'll try. I remember StuckMic from "back in the day" and glad to see it's still alive and kicking. I "refound" StuckMic while research a question - when did we change from "FPL" to "CPC?" I can't remember if it was with the Pay Reclassification (Thank You, NATCA) or at some other time.

As for those of you just starting out in ATC, welcome to the most awesome job in the world! I can guarantee you will see amazing changes in technology as you head to retirement. For example, "Mark 10 Radar" - when I started out (USAF), our Secondary RADAR (IFF/SIF) was only 64-code capable, not 4096 (i.e. we could only distinguish the "first two digits" of a transponder's reply - and they looked like blobs behind the skin-paint targets; none of that fancy digital stuff). You have chosen a profession that very few can claim. I thank you for stepping up!

Feelin' crusty,

"The Colonel"
USAF ATC 1974-83
FAA ATC 1984-2008