CPC-IT Training Failure


Mar 10, 2010

I recently transferred from a level 7 tower where I was a CPC (downgraded to a level 5), to a level 8 up/down (downgraded to a level 7) so I could get a radar ticket. My problem is I am having a lot of trouble in radar and am not sure if I will get through the program. I am great in the tower, got certified with minimums and even got a cash reward within my 2nd week of certification for a save at the new facility. It is just I am not sure yet if I am cut out to be a radar controller.

Assuming I washout, being a CPC-IT, the contract says I will be given a list of up to 5 facilities that are an equal or lower level (not I "may" be given a list of 5 "IF" vacancies exist). My questions are as follows:

1. Is there usually more pull for the CPC-IT to go where "they" want to go, or is it at the fate of what the FAA offers? Should I start talking to other managers and politicking my way into the towers I want to go to (CIC, OJTI, etc..)?

2. With the whole sequestration going into effect, what will happen with my career? Will I stay at my current facility until this thing is over with, just working in the tower; or will I get transferred out to where ever and sequestration will have no impact on the process?

I would highly appreciate any addition information; this is a stressful time...Thanks!

The Heatles

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Jun 15, 2008
Miami, FL
You will get to choose from the list the FAA provides to you, unles you can make nice with a manager/facrep somewhere and get them to pick you up on an ERR/Bid. Most low level facilities will jump on a prior certified CPC since they mostly get off the street hires.

As for sequestration, all moves are frozen. Expect to sit tight and work whatever positions you're qualified in for the foreseeable future until all this garbage is over with. Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear.