Delay Vectors?


Jul 14, 2018
1) Yes, you can request it. Usually it is used by controllers when we need to delay you for some reason (like a runway change), but not quite long enough delay for holding.
2) Usually when the request comes from a pilot it's for something like needing to burn extra fuel to get weight down, they need a few minutes to reconfigure, time to brief a new approach, or investigate something possibly malfunctioning.
3) Basically the only limitation is where you go. If you request a delay vector for some reason, we are going to put you where you aren't in the way of other traffic. Generally it won't bother us, but if you are pulled out of a sequence for it, chances are you're going to the back of the line when you're done.
I'm a little late responding to this, but @rytomi, awesome response, concise, on-point, and clear--just the type of response I would expect from ATC. :)