DFW airport tour


Jan 22, 2009
1) I just took a tour this weekend at DFW international. I talked to the operations manager and I think he said it would only take 1 - 1 1/2 years to fininsh the training for a tower position. Does this sound right or did i misunderstand?
2) If the opp. mgr. likes you, can they pull strings and pick you up from the referral list?


Aug 17, 2008
That sounds like an optimistic estimate on checkout time to me. I've heard people say that they've done it in a year and a half, but with the amount of trainees getting so high, some people have had to wait months to check out on the next position because the trainers have their hands full. Trainers I've spoken with say it's usually 2-3 years.

Ops managers aren't really high enough on the totem pole to do you hiring favors. You'd do better to make a good impression on the facility manager, or better yet, the district manager, who is usually the one who does the selecting at OKC. With that said, I impressed two ops managers at one facility enough that they did me a favor and tracked down their district manager and had him give me a call. Keep in mind, though, that the typical OTS applicant isn't likely to get any special treatment. Unless you have something in your background that is convincing evidence that you'll be a better controller than the next guy, there's not really any reason to make a special accommodation.