Employment ATC


Mar 5, 2019
I'm in the process of ETSing from the military as a controller within the next 70 days, I have been applying to ATC jobs but have not received anything back which is kind of weird always hearing that personnel are needed so badly. So my question is, are their any other fields us controller can work in? I always have a degree in Airfield Management.


Epic Member
Apr 8, 2010
If you aren't too picky about where you live, put in applications with Serco, Midwest and RVA. They typically want you to be able to start in about a 30 day time frame though so applying too far out might not be the best. You could search train dispatch, ramp control, flight coordinator. Adacel might have openings to help setup/fix/design problems for all the airports they are installed. My uncle did that out of Orlando for a few years when he retired out of the AF. Seemed to enjoy traveling around the country doing it while waiting for a spot at MLB tower.