Enroute vs. Terminal


Curtis E. Carr
Jun 24, 2008
In a van down by the river.
Why do you want to live in the sticks? People die out there.
It's only when people like you show up that folks go missing. U'r kind ain't welcome in these here parts!

I drove an hour and 45 when I was working at A80. You lose too much time in the day, and it eventually takes its toll on your ability to focus at work.


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Thanks for the advice, guys. I know ATC is a hard job, and commuting will make it worse. I guess enroute is out, as living in Michigan is very important to me. Plus, I want to give myself the greatest chance of being hired, and selecting "Enroute Only" kind of limits me, especially since the only centers I'd be intersted in are ZOB and ZID (I love the Midwest).

As for not wanting to "live in the sticks" - I live in the "sticks" now, my town is surrounded by corn, cows, and Amish. I'll take the sticks anyday over the city! I hate big cities.


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Jul 25, 2008
ZID is one of the busiest centers in the nation. I wouldn't depend on a slow paced job there. The center is located at the airport. Lots of nice places to live around the area. Training is frozen at the moment due to the CPC's getting Eram training. Enjoy your trip into ATC.


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Dec 2, 2008
I am guessing you are joking but. Tower or Tracon is terminal IE La Guardia Tower and NY tracon are terminal. ZNY or New York Center is en-route, anything with a Z infront is enroute ZID,ZOA,Zwhatever.

Good Day.