Experience Hire After Academy Washout


Mar 22, 2017
[FONT=&quot]The verbiage is "[/FONT]

  • Applicants who are prior Academy and/or field training failure may not be considered
[FONT=&quot]The verbiage was grandfathered in dating all the way back to the VRA bids, prior to applicants being sent directly to facilities (unless you were a RMC or prior CPC who could bypass the academy during that time). How it truly functions now is what I said above. Two separate hiring sources. You cannot be re-hired on the same source twice.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]You can view the SOP's for the placement of each here...[/FONT]
Previous Experience Hire Placement
Referral List Selections
[FONT=&quot]The referral list for the selection of academy trainees specifically says academy or field training failures will be removed. The prior experience one does not.[/FONT]