Hardship Waiver


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Nov 20, 2009
In the Red Book, a hardship can only occur going to a facility no more than 3 levels up or down from your current one. Are there ANY waivers or exceptions to this that anyone has seen? My son has a medical issue we are going to request a transfer for. I have been trying to ERR to a facility more than 3 levels above that for some time in that same area. However, there is a level 5 and a level 4 within a reasonable distance but I really don't want to take the "downgrade" if I can help it.

If my ATM goes to bat for me, is there any chance of going to the higher level facility? Their staffing level does suck so I would assume that may help my case. And yes I am aware that my pay would suck until certification, but if we have to move, I'd rather go to the facility I wanted to get to in the first place.