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Apr 2, 2019
Question for more experienced applicants

Hey Everyone

I need your guys help. So I went to college for Aviation Management and Operations and did the ATCTI courses as well. I applied for the 2015 OTS bid, took the ATSA and received my TOL the morning the very first day they sent them out. I got everything completed immediately, got my security clearance, my medical, did the MMPI...the only thing is there were a couple questions I answered on the bio that they didn’t like. So I have to meet with a Psychologist of their choosing for an 8 hour session to go over everything. After that, the psychologist determined I was depressed(his opinion, and I usually agree with doctors). But when we met, I had just finished a 24 hour shift as a dispatcher, I had 3 hour drive to and from work than a 3 hour drive to meet the psychologist, by the time I got there I was already up over 31 hours and was exhausted. I explained that to him even. The FAA medical examiner said I could get the testing redone at my expense, which I tried. The only issue was no one in my state even did the entire rest because it’s outdated. So I would’ve had to travel plus pay $5k for the test which would’ve been hard to do. I’m just wondering if I wait and apply for the next OTS bid if I have even a slight chance of getting accepted again? Anyone with experience in this? And if anyone knows when the next OTS bid is? Thanks in advance.


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Apr 11, 2015
As someone who has failed the Tier-2 (from the March 2015 bid)(for something far different) and then received an addition TOL (July 2017 bid) after failing the Tier-2, I can tell you that your medical past will come back and result in another disqualification. I finally got my Tier-2 DQ overturned after almost 3 years and I'm back in the hiring process from the March 2015 bid TOL. It took many thousands of dollars, lots of work, and letters to Senators, but it is possible.

If this is what you want, you will have to fork over the dough and go out of state. Best of luck.