How do you go from FAA to DOD?


May 23, 2009
Tallahassee, FL
Hi, I'm a controller in Florida at a level 7 up/down. My fiance is in the Navy and hopefully will be getting stationed at Norfolk. I was thinking that it might be easier for me to make a career out of the civilian DOD world as far as relocating with his new orders goes. I hear you have to know someone to get into those jobs, is that true? How does the process go of switching from FAA to DOD? Does anyone have any advice, some do's and don'ts for me? Thanks, I appreciate anything you can give me.

The Heatles

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Jun 15, 2008
Miami, FL
They are totally separate... if you get picked up for a DOD job and want it you will need to quit your FAA job. DOD jobs are hard to get since they are usually filled before the notice even hits the internet. Its alot of "who you know" since the local Chief Controller(ATM) usually has the say on who is hired. You can get hired even if you dont know anyone there, but the chances are pretty slim IMO. Possible, but slim. Transfers are nowhere near as easy as you would think... you cant just up and relocate whenever you want. If he transfers there is zero guarantee that you can transfer as well.

Also, dont forget... if you were hired VRA and got the $20k bonus I believe you need to stay FAA for atleast 2 years or else you will need to repay that money.


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Jun 23, 2008
i did it they just transfer you and it is like you never left the government. call the facility you want to go to and talk to the chief and take it from there.