HUF- Terre Haute Hulman Field


Aug 23, 2009
You know where.
Wouldn't be a bad place to start. HUF is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but you're within 90 minutes of Indianapolis, West Lafayette, and Bloomington, which are the larger cities in Indiana that you could visit if Terre Haute got boring. Those also happen to be pretty busy airports especially during football and basketball season, which likely drives a lot of their overflight traffic.

Airspace wise, they're your typical Level 5 up/down. Things get busy in the summer and slow down in the winter. They are the approach control for Bloomington, and as I alluded to before, that airport's traffic can make things pretty busy on the approach control sector.

If you had to be in the midwest, HUF winters aren't as bad as they are further north. You'll at least get more sunshine during the season than you would further north.

I flew in Indiana for several years but am no longer there, although in retrospect it's not a bad place to be at all.


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Jan 25, 2011
One of my classmates went there. Like StuSel said, low cost of living, good location and it seems like they have good people I think CTO times are about 8 months. You'll be getting there as the busy season is winding down for VFR traffic. They have a federal prison there so they do prison transfers at the airport. Not sure how often. What else was on your list in the central region?


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Jul 8, 2011
I know a couple of people who are there. Great place to get your feet wet and learn radar. Plus, you'll be in the Indianapolis hub.