IAP GPS turns - Pilot Question for ATC


Jul 14, 2018
The other day I was doing the RNAV-A into Payson Airport (KPAN), we were cleared to cross TOPEE at or above 9000. It was a training flight so we were in no hurry and wanted to do the whole approach, however, the GPS leads the turn, and since we were coming from the west (near OPUMY) it was going to be a nearly 180 turn and the GPS was trying to turn us towards OPUMY more than 8 miles before TOPEE. If we followed the GPS we would have turned more than 8 miles before reaching the waypoint we were cleared to (TOPEE). In this case we flew to TOPEE, but normally on approaches we follow GPS turns. Also, we were cleared for the approach.

So the question is, are ATC controllers aware of GPS turns, fly by turns, and how extreme they can be? In this situation would ATC be startled of we would have followed the GPS and turned towards OPUMY more than 8 miles before reaching TOPEE (the waypoint) to which we were cleared?