Ike Cuts Swath Through Heartland, Canada



Hurricane Ike inundated parts of Texas and Louisiana on Saturday and general aviation pilots were ready for a call that likely will not come. In a podcast interview with AVweb on Sunday, Texas Aviation Association Secretary Jay Carpenter said there has not only been no request for GA assistance, it's actually against the law. TFRs have been established in the area of most significant damage and, to add insult to injury, a cold front moved through within hours of Ike's passage and spawned thunderstorms and more rain throughout the area. Carpenter said federal and state authorities appear "much better prepared" to handle the situation but he's had dozens of inquiries from Texas pilots ready and willing to help out, if needed. Meanwhile, Ike wasn't finished when it came ashore in Texas and disrupted flights on its northward trek, according to National Air Traffic Controllers Association spokesman Doug Church.


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