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Oct 26, 2008
I thought I would start a thread for those of us who love to fly to share our most exceptional experiences flying.

For me, the most interesting airport I have ever flown into was Kelly Airfield just south of Denver Colorado (a private airfield). Its coordinates for those of you in love with GoogleEarth are 39-13-24.96N 104-38-26.902W. I would have to say the most intriguing part of the airport is runway 17-35. Rwy 17-35 is 3800X36' and though it only has about a 2% grade differential from one end to the other, it really reminds me of a roller coaster with big rolling hills.

As for experiences, mine would have to be the 3.6 logged hours on my private checkride as the examiner wanted something out of a hanger at Kelly Airfield. Add the nerves of getting your license with the pressure of landing on a tiny runway (my normal one is 10,002X100') and you know it is gonna be interesting.

These were mine, feel free to share yours.


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Feb 18, 2009
Amherst, OH
The most interesting airport I've flown out of, has to be the airport I learned to fly at! LOL

It's a small, private strip in the middle of the country. And by small, I mean 2410X37!!!! They always told us that if we learned to fly there, we can fly out of anywhere. After flying to several county airports with runways twice as long, and three times as wide, I found that to be true! All of the other flight schools in the area make their students land here to test their skills.

It's also DIRT cheap too. $56 an hour for a C152, and like $15 an hour for the instructor. Wound up costing me around $4,000 for my private, and that includes money I spent on books, equip., ground school stuff, etc. Compare that to the $10,000 most students pay out here at Beaver Co., and needless to say I am quite envied! haha

My most memorable experience, has to be my 1st solo cross country. I flew the same route that my instructer and I flew on my 1st dual cross country, so it would be familiar to me. The 1st leg, was to a class G county airport, then from there, on to a class D towered airport. Those legs went fine, but from the class D to home, I got "disoriented" LOL. I was using dead reckoning, and I must've had the wrong heading when I departed. I was being flight followed, so they caught my error before too long, but it was too late to avoid a band of storms that were sweeping through the area! They had to re-route me 180 degrees and head back towards the airport, then north up behind the storms. Passed me off to ZOB cause I was flying out of their radar range, and they got me back to the airport safe and sound!

Looking back, I guess it wasn't that bad of a situation, but for someone on their 1st solo cross country, I was crapping bricks!!! hahaha


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Oct 26, 2008
I really miss the times when you could actually fly for a reasonable amount of money. My hope airport (APA) has a couple of flight schools and you are lucky to get off the ground for less than $115/hr including an instructor. I will admit you also rarely find anything smaller than a C172, but then again, good luck getting off the ground at 6000' with a fat instructor sitting next to you on a hot day... That 10001' is just not enough sometimes :)


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Aug 18, 2008
Warrenton, VA
My first Solo X/C was into Mark's Muni. (W63) and the approach was over a lake with the end of the runway right at the edge of it. As I was coming in to land there was a gust that came off the lake and caught my elevator and put me in probably no more than a -10 deg attitude(probably less, but hey it was my first solo X/C right?) and I was about 100' ALG. needless to say, my shirt went from damp to sweat soaked...

The most interesting airport that I've flown out of was actually my home airport (W24) it was 2932x50 with a 4.7% down gradiant and the airport owners home at the top of the runway with part of the taxi way being their driveway. It was a one way only runway, depart from 28 and arrive at 10. When you took off, you could get a PA-28-160 to take off at 40 kts because the slope was so great it practially dropped into flight off the top of the hill...good times!
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Nov 27, 2008
New Orleans, LA
I used to like flying into Castle, CA. It was an old military field, so the runway was 10,000 ft long. Made it fun flying a C152 in there. And then catch the shuttle to the aviation museum and hang out for a bit. I think its towered now, It used to be a class echo in my California days.


Aug 17, 2008
Just rode with a guy in my ground school who did a nighttime trip to San Antonio Int'l at night. SAT's in the middle of the city, so with the light pollution, you can't really see the runway until you're right on top of it. Final takes you over a busy highway, and we landed parallel to a Southwest 737... and then taxied to a ramp where the Utah Jazz were getting on board a 737 of their own after getting beaten up on by the Spurs.

Good time.