January 2020 Bid - Waiting On FOL

Hotel Sierra

Jan 3, 2021

New here and looking for some advise/help/insight/opinions.

I know the "hurry up and wait" and "continue with life as normal" but there in lies my dilemma. While waiting for my ATC dream to become a reality I've been going to school online. Fast forward to now, I have submitted everything for my background and medical except for my MMPI-2 which I will complete January 6, 2021. I know that I have more waiting to do.

My question is, if I am enrolled as a full-time student (only two classes because I do 8-week terms as opposed to 16-week semesters) and I get a FOL do you think balancing the first few weeks of basics and two outside classes is do-able? (Once I finish the courses I would put school on hold for the rest of academy.)

I suppose I'm worried that if I put school on hold now and don't get my FOL for another month to two months, I'll have wasted a term, but if I am a full-time student and get a FOL in the next few weeks I won't be able to balance school and the academy.

I guess the real question is, has anyone that received a TOL in 2020 also received a FOL? And if so, what was the time-line between submitting your documents and getting your FOL?