January 2020 Bid - Waiting On FOL

Hotel Sierra

Jan 3, 2021

New here and looking for some advise/help/insight/opinions.

I know the "hurry up and wait" and "continue with life as normal" but there in lies my dilemma. While waiting for my ATC dream to become a reality I've been going to school online. Fast forward to now, I have submitted everything for my background and medical except for my MMPI-2 which I will complete January 6, 2021. I know that I have more waiting to do.

My question is, if I am enrolled as a full-time student (only two classes because I do 8-week terms as opposed to 16-week semesters) and I get a FOL do you think balancing the first few weeks of basics and two outside classes is do-able? (Once I finish the courses I would put school on hold for the rest of academy.)

I suppose I'm worried that if I put school on hold now and don't get my FOL for another month to two months, I'll have wasted a term, but if I am a full-time student and get a FOL in the next few weeks I won't be able to balance school and the academy.

I guess the real question is, has anyone that received a TOL in 2020 also received a FOL? And if so, what was the time-line between submitting your documents and getting your FOL?


Jun 3, 2020
Hey there!

Unfortunately I don't have an answer to your question. Just like yourself I am new to the game. I put in my bid in Jan of 2020, completed the ATSA, and submitted my TOL. I still have not heard back for medical and MMPI. I hope someone can lend you some advice. But in the meantime, when did you receive your instructions to do the medical and MMPI? I might have a longer wait, but I received the TOL in October of 2020. I submitted the documents and was told in the email that all the other operations are put on hold due to COVID. Once everything resumes, they would send instructions on completing the next steps (medical, drug, MMPI). Would you be able to tell me when you received yours? Thanks