Leaving the Academy on 6/5/18 and Selling My Apartment Stuff


Nov 1, 2016
I dont know if this is allowed or not but figured it may help someone out. First of all the best option I found while here was signing a lease at Anatole and getting a roommate. Rent was 900/mo with washer and dryer and you can furnish at least one room with the stuff I have for 400 bucks haha. I originally tried Isolla and quickly changed my mind. In any case things im looking to leave behind:

50" LED 1080p TV
TV Cube Stand
Desk and Chair
Queen bed with frame
Box fan
other random stuff, power strips, cubbies to use as a dresser.

Everything was purchased brand new when I got here in January and is in like new condition. Looking to get 400 bucks for all of it but must be able to pick up the evening of 6/4/18 as I fly home the next day. Also if anyone has any questions at all about housing etc. feel free to ask.