Marking forum read


Senior Member
Mar 22, 2009
When I go into a forum, let's say "Rules - Regulations", I usually don't read every new message. Just the ones that seem interesting. When I go back to the main forum list, I like to mark the entire forum read by double clicking the StuckMic logo to the left of the forum name. It fades out and life is good. But when I go to another forum and go back again, the logo is once again lit up...even though there are no new messages. It seems to only stay faded out if I reload the page after I double click. Any ideas? Other forums of this type don't seem to do that.

Thank you.


Senior Analyst
Feb 18, 2009
Amherst, OH
I like to use the blue tool bar above; user cp, forums, community, new posts, search, quick links, logout. Under quick links, the 2nd tab down is "mark forums read".