Medical Exam and Security Clearance Questions


Oct 20, 2020
Good evening,

Long time lurker here and I have huge respect for those who perform this job. I aspire to become an ATC one day and have been pondering the idea of it for around a year now.

I've been looking into it more and more, but I can't find specific answers. This is about past Marijuana usage.

I know the FAA is about personal integrity and exhibiting good judgement. I have a squeaky clean record, I work as a Registered Pharmacy Technician and have always passed state background test with no issues.

However, I did hold a Medical Marijuana Card about 4 years ago on a state level. I ended up trying it here and there and never found too much use in it. Never convicted or charged with a single thing. I've sober ever since. I'm honestly hoping that this won't botch up this entire thing for me. I'm really trying to stay positive about this. Getting this card years ago was certainly a lapse in my long term judgement and I have no intention to use MJ again in my life. It's ether ATC or PA School, and I'd prefer this.

Do you think I would be okay passing a medical examination and security clearance? Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you in advance! I really do appreciate it.