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Feb 16, 2011
Corinth, Tx
Doug, have a question from the FCT side. Based on the NATCA constitution article 3, sec 2c. An active member is defined as "any employee in a bargaining unit represented by the association." I understand there's a difference between being in "good standing" aka dues-paying and a non-dues-paying member. Basically, non-paying members retain the rights of representation through the unit but cannot vote or hold an office. Am I correct so far? If so, shouldn't those employees still be allowed a voice in the bargaining unit and be kept informed in the same method as everyone else? I think there's a breakdown in understanding at our local on this issue and would like some clarification.

Thanks in advance.

Doug Church

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Sep 8, 2009
Washington, D.C.
Hi, this is a good question and it's best handled by the NATCA Facility Representative at your facility, or, by our leaders of the FCT bargaining unit which includes John Bratcher. May I please forward this to him, and also request the name of your facility so that the email can go to both John and to the NATCA rep? You can email me privately at Thanks.