Middle East Contracts


Nov 4, 2008
Wichita Falls, TX
Hello all,

I'm new to the site and have been looking around and have found some really great information. I'm currently serving on active duty in the Air Force, and am finishing up my last 6 months before separating after 6 and 1/2 years of service. I've acquired 3 CTOs over my 6 years, along with my Watch Supervisor rating (2 years), and have been deployed to Qatar once.

I have a question for all those who are working/have worked for any of the contracting companies with contracts in the middle east. I've read RVA, WCG, Midwest, and Serco are the main contractors in the region, and my question is more specifically aimed at those who are currently working in the AOR. As I stated above, my enlistment will be up in 6 months (April '09), and I am trying to gain an idea of what the job availability will be looking like come April/May. Any information anyone can give me on jobs that may be coming available will be much appreciated!


Aug 17, 2008
A couple months ago, a controller I met was about to transfer to Dubai to work for an RVA contract. She said that they were still looking at the time. Don't know how it is now, but she was pretty excited about it -- the pay was good and the locale was pretty interesting.


Sep 21, 2008
For now...South Mills, NC
I work for Midwest and i can tell you availability just depends on how many people are leaving a certain location. Best bet for you is to put in your resume and stay on top of it. Call for updates, don't annoy them, just give friendly reminders that you are willing to go at a seconds notice. Also it REALLY helps if you know someone working with the company and they are in good standings with the management aka Parry (he's in charge of the hiring). You know the good old saying, "it's not what you know, it's who you know" and that is soooo true. It only took me a little over a month to get a job here. Oh and be open to where you can go...that will make it a lot easier...you turn down a location, you're more than likely to go to the bottom of the list. Just say yes to whatever they give you, once your in there are opportunities to go to other locations (more so if your a guy).