new and ready to soak in info


Sep 2, 2008
hi everyone, im looking foward into getting into becoming an air traffic controller. Im currently in the USAF with 4 years under my belt, tired of my current job and need something exciting to do. I just got accepted to cross train into atc so i want to get as much info as I can before I start my new career. Dont get annoyed with the newbie because I have tons of questions that im sure that veteran atc's can answer for me. Thanks


Welcome and glad to have you on here. Ask as many questions as you can...hopefully you will enjoy a long exciting career in the FAA. One thing you may have not thought of yet...if you are looking into transitioning to the the FAA you need to do so before you turn 31...unless you retire from the military, then you can possibly get in after that. Just some food for thought.

Anways, good luck in your transition and please recommend us to all your aviation friends!