New FAA CWO to LAWRS Transition Plan from May 14, 2015 Meeting


Apr 25, 2013
Hi guys,

I don't post on here as I am not an air traffic controller, but I thought this is something you should all be aware of. I don't know why it has taken me so long to post this information here as it has been out of the box for over 7 weeks. To summarize, like 2 years ago, the FAA has plans to transfer several dozen weather observing stations from CWO to LAWRS. Some of you may already be LAWRS observers in addition to ACT specialists. Unlike 2 years ago, the FAA is "only" planning to initially transition 57 stations (out of approximately 140) around the US. If that's not bad enough, I believe this is just a cover until the FAA can try to transfer all CWOs to LAWRS. They're just using the divide and conquer method this time because they didn't get their way last time.

If you don't like what you are about to read, then please advise your ATC managers that it is a bad idea. Many of them probably don't even know about this transition plan yet, so feel free to show them it. The FAA plans to start soliciting ATC personnel starting in mid July, with some suggesting a possible changeover as early as October 1 of this year! However, it would be nice if they/you had a heads up. If the FAA gets enough pushback, I don't believe it will happen. So that is where you guys can help. You may be surprised to find your site on the transition list at the end of the document. This document is official:

Thank You For Any Help,
Weather Observer