New Facility Level


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Oct 19, 2013
I am currently in training at a level 5 up/down facility. I am almost done with training and I am starting my research on where I would like to bid for in the next year or two. What level facility would be realistic for me to shoot for once I get my level 5 under my belt. Ive heard of guys going to too high of a facility towards the beginning of their career and not making it, only having to go back to their previous facility. I want to keep moving up, but dont want to get in too deep and possibly slip backwards. TIA


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Oct 29, 2010
People hire directly into ATC-12 facilities all the time and make it. People also hire directly into ATC-6 facilities and wash out. If you've succeeded in one FAA training program, you understand the sort of work that goes into being successful in another.

The better question to ask is where you want to live, since you would probably rather move and retrain only once in your career if you could help it, right?