New Housing Per Diem Policy Starting 06/01/2019


Oct 12, 2018
Hey all,

There is a new FAA policy concerning the housing Per Diem pay. Starting June 1, 2019, the FAA will be handling all housing payments directly with the billing agency.

This means that students will no longer be able to "pocket" the difference.

For example: You find a room/house/apartment that charges $25/day but you share a bathroom or they charge $50/day and you get your own bathroom. If you choose the $25/day option, the FAA will pay that bill directly and you DO NOT get the difference.

Keep this in mind when choosing your temporary place to stay. Also, some places such as KimsPlace OKC provide a "food pack" which allows you to conserve your food Per Diem.

Please feel free to provide any updates or information regarding this matter in post.


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Apr 11, 2015
So I'm completely new to this forum so please advise if this isn't allowed.

I'm a real estate investor here in the metro and I have several rental homes. Please reach out to me if allowed. We buy many homes near the airport and are looking to rent them out. No previous rental history is allowed and is perfectly fine with us. Anyone from out of town who is looking for a short term [3-4months] would be fine with us as well.
Are you an FAA approved housing provider? I would assume this new arrangement would limit to FAA approved providers only.

I heard the reason for this change was issues with people trying to game the system and the shutdown. Essentially people rented houses or apartments and were held to their leases during the shutdown.


Aug 18, 2008
Seems very grievable. I could choose to live under a bridge and I want every penny of the lodging AND meal $$ I'm entitled to.


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Oct 8, 2009
Policy currently only applies for non-BUE new hires. BUEs coming back for RTF can continue to pay the old way.
Thanks. Just waiting an RTF date. If I am understanding correctly, I can still pocket some per diem if I stay at a cheaper housing provider?


Sep 19, 2017
Thanks. Just waiting an RTF date. If I am understanding correctly, I can still pocket some per diem if I stay at a cheaper housing provider?
Theoretically, yes. In practice, it might be tricky to convince a housing provider to give you a lower rate. Since new hires are the vast majority of their business, places like Kim's and IB that used to offer lower rates are adjusting their prices and offerings to make it worth the full $57 per day. For example, Kim now only puts 2 people in a house so that the $57 rate is easier to swallow. It seems unlikely that she'd accept the old $39 rate unless she happened to have two other RTF returnees on the same schedule who wanted to live 3 to a house.


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Aug 31, 2008
Mustang, Oklahoma
Our prices remain the same as before ... If a student wants to do the $39 New hire or RTF they can. Most New Hires will choose one of the $57 now due to changes but if they want the $39 I only charge FAA $39 (you will be saving FAA money not yourself). So RTF or non New Hire will still have the option of the $39 or $57. But remember RTF not all Towers allow them to pocket the difference, they will need to check. Why this varies from Tower to Tower has not been made clear to me.
Thanks, Kim