No Fly Zones Around Airports - Tethered Balloon Flights


Oct 29, 2018
Hi All,
I am exploring the rules and regulations ( not legally binding answers, just a starting point) regarding no fly zones around airports in Europe.

I welcome any information this community can provide to help me understand the rules for the following questions.

I thank you all in advance for your attention and accept all answers are your opinions and not to be used to make final decisions.

My Questions;

1, What it the distance from an airport that one can not fly in a Hot Air Balloon or Lighter Than Air Balloon?
2, Do Hot Air Balloons / Lighter Than Air Balloons need to seek permission form a control tower for taking off / landing?
3, Is there anywhere I can find (on-line) documentation for regulations for flying near airports with tethered balloons?

Thank you all in advance for your time