Numbers increase 2nd half of FY


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Nov 13, 2009
I have a question about 2nd half numbers and I wanted to see if fellow Stuck Mic members know the answer. Do numbers go up for the 2nd half of the FY for the amount of people facilities can send to OKC. Just need to info.... Thanks!


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Dec 8, 2010
Peachtree City, GA
I believe generally there is wiggle room to adding more people in the second half of the year. The way budgets work in the government is that if you don't spend the money one year then you won't be able to get that much money the next year. That's why you see them cram more people in at the end of the year, or they buy all new chairs, etc. I know when I was there, there were a ton of people at the academy. They had classes full of people who were meeting in the auditorium while they waited for a classroom to open up.