ORK Norfolk Intl Info

Oct 1, 2017
I’m interested in this facility and looking for someone who works there.

What is is it like working here?

What are the hours like? Overtime etc.
what is the traffic like, complex?
What is training like? washouts etc.
What is the general morale, an enjoyable place to be everyday?

How bad is the tourist season in The Virginia Beach area? Is it packed year round? Lots of traffic?

anything else you feel necessary to share is greatly appreciated.


Junior Member
Apr 10, 2015
Not from ORF but I’m from Virginia Beach.

Tourist season really only impacts the Oceanfront and the places near it (Virginia Aquarium, Ocean Breeze Water Park, etc.) It gets pretty busy down there from late May through early August. Traffic at the beach can be pretty bad during that time. Getting buzzed by F-18s departing NAS Oceana while you’re at the beach is pretty cool though.

Any questions about the Hampton Roads area in general feel free to ask.