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Jun 11, 2008
Read Before Posting!

This forum is for posting questions concerning the primary air traffic control union (NATCA). We have built this forum to provide our users with a reliable source of information on this topic. The designated representatives you will see here have volunteered their time to answer NATCA related questions for our members. Please use this valuable resource responsibly. Please be courteous and keep your posts professional and on topic as these representatives are limited on time to answer our questions.

This forum is not for you to provide answers to questions, only for you to ask questions. Leave the answers to the NATCA representatives that have been designated to respond. Also, be patient, they will try to log on a few times a week so it may take a few days to have your question answered.

The StuckMic staff or NATCA will delete or move a post if it is in their best interest or anytime a member has not adhered to the above.


Aug 17, 2008
There have been a number of questions posted here lately that are not within the scope of this forum. Please only post questions here which are directly related to NATCA.

Examples of appropriate topics are questions related to the collective bargaining agreement, assistance with leadership, seniority issues, and so on.

Examples of questions which are not appropriate for this forum are those about staffing numbers, CTI schools, the AT-SAT, "how do I get hired at XYZ?", or generally anything else that has to do with the hiring process. Those questions are more appropriate for forums such as ATC Employment.


Doug Church

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Sep 8, 2009
Washington, D.C.
Just to add to what Rosstafari posted, let me also add "training / transfer issues" to that list of things that are really not within the scope of this forum.

NATCA has an elected representative in each facility. You can go to them for any union issue and advice, especially when it comes to crucial career decisions like ERR or how to possibly get re-assigned if you're a training failure.

I can't assist you with that here. I will always refer you to your local fac rep. If you need help reaching your fac rep, that is something that I can help you with. Just shoot me an e-mail at


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