Proper Resignation


Sep 5, 2019
Hello all,

After having been at my en-route facility for 1 year and reaching D-1, and after serious contemplation, I've come to the conclusion that ATC is just not my cup of tea. I never felt the academy gave me a good sense of the profession, and didn't want to base my decision off of my experiences there. But I've come to a definitive answer now. I plan on starting professional pilot training in late October.

My question is what would be the proper procedure for resigning? Obviously I don't wish to continue training and wasting the time of my OJT-I or mine, but I do still need a source of income until I get closer to the start of pilot training. Should I withdraw from training immediately? If so, should I mention leaving the agency, or would that jeopardize my immediate employment? Would it be more wise to wait out entry into the NEST, then announce my resignation? What exactly should I say when I speak to my area rep? And as D-1, am I considered operational, and be required to continue reporting to my area after announcing resignation?

Any insight or tips would be appreciated. Thank you much!


Jul 18, 2008
We had someone resign thinking they had a better opportunity waiting for them in the private sector and now they want back in. They may get back in, but will lose time and seniority. It’s only been a little over a year but that can add up in the long run. It’s your life so do with it as you choose but this person also thought they had it figured out and things would be better.