Research - March and Pt. Mugu Approach Controls

Aug 26, 2021
I know that the consolidation of the Burbank, Los Angeles, Coast and Ontario Approaches, and later Palm Springs Approach ended up with SoCal Approach control in San Diego. And Santa Barbara Approach is still in its own facility there. But March ARB (formerly AFB) within the SoCal area is still charted specifically as March Approach though I believe it is part of SoCal's Empire Area. Is it separate because it's a DoD facility? Is there a physical facility on the ground at March or is it at Miramar with the rest of SoCal?

I also want to confirm that Point Mugu Approach is physically located at the base there. I haven't found it listed in the FAA's ATCT/TRACON or TRACON lists and figure that is because it too is a DoD facility.

These are all bits and pieces of information that I'm putting into a book and while not the meat, it still adds flavor.