September 2020 TOL’s


Sep 27, 2018
So little back story, went the CTI route back in 2012-2013. Applied 3 times and was denied. Gave up on ATC and joined the Army. When the 2018 bid opened I figured what the hell and applied anyway, took the ATSA on leave and didn’t think much of it after. Hit 31 a year ago so that door was shut I thought. Got a TOL yesterday from the FAA.. seems they changed the rules and I had to be 30 or younger by the time the application period closed. So I guess I qualify for that loophole.
Few questions,
Ok City wasn’t much help on a time line.
1. With Covid and everything is the academy still shut down?
2. How long does all the background and medical work take?(estimate)
3. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the loop with academy details but how do they decide if you are En Route or Terminal? And do they still let you pick your facility based on how well you do at the academy?(if you pass)


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Aug 28, 2017
On your TOL it should say if you're slotted for Terminal or En Route.
The background will take a long time even with your military clearance. OPM will conduct your background investigation and they have a huge backlog of cases to close. Since I am guessing your last background investigation was when you joined the Army, you'll have to do another E-QIP, Investigation, and wait for the adjudicator process (Longest part). I did my medical pretty quick as well. You will be getting a 2nd Class Medical from the FAA. Also, you will have to do a psychological exam as well. Depending on how you do on that will determine your next step too. If you didn't do well on the psych exam, you'll be referred to Tier 2. This can take some time. After that is all done you will then take your drug screen and wait. Altogether my hiring process was 4 years. I applied on the February 2014 bid and got hired August 2018.