Share a room at the Extended Stay O'Hare?


Senior Analyst
Nov 17, 2008
Lakeville, MN
i got a hotel about a mile from the address on our return email, it the Extended Stay America O Hare Airport.

Im going to call to see if they have got a full fridge n kitchennete (sp.)
Only one bed tho, hence the cots. Have the room for tues. (23rd) and wed. (24th). anyone is welcome to stay there for 30 bucks a nite, either nite. (on a cot, of course)Be warned tho, i do plan to drink or go out, so if you want to read a book and get to bed early, know i will be annoyingly talking loud at 1am
If you want in, shoot me an email with what nite you want and ur number, and ill hitcha back.

Im goin to the Wed. PEPC. everyone whos ANYone is goin to wednesdays