Solar Highways of the future


Epic Member
Nov 11, 2008
Like many things, IF it works as advertised, the HUGE upfront cost would be the deterrent.
Yea. that's why I used the word potential. Nothing this big works like it should at first, which is why I like how they're rolling it out. They're starting by switching over their parking lot. then moving out into their employees driveways, and just slowly expanding while they work out bugs.

Costs actually are not a big concern of mine with this because of everything it's supposed to be able to do. First off, they say you can do initial install with money already alotted to roads. That does make sense. Something like this would be done mile by mile and not all at once. Then you factor in the ridiculous amount of energy this would generate, the savings from not needing to plow roads nearly as often if at all, the ability to prevent accidents because the lines are now led lights, the ability to change a traffic pattern by pushing a button, etc., etc..