Studying and Housing: Alone or Group?


Mar 19, 2019
So I just received a start date for the academy and its in 3 weeks starting on 4/10/19 for terminal.
I've repeatedly seen people say to stay at Kim's or IB for the sake of community and group study. Obviously, roommates can be hit or miss (This is what I'm concerned about) but from an emotional/mental standpoint, "going it alone" seems tough and having people around you is encouraging. But while people are preaching about the importance of having study buddies, I'm skeptical of what that actually looks like. For example, most college students who are "studying" for 5 hours a day in the library are on their phone or similar distractions for a majority of that time, eating or talking, and really only getting in a decent hour of study in that entire time.

I'm introverted, I've never had study groups or sessions, and i'm disciplined to learn and apply myself. However, I don't want to underestimate the rigors of the academy, as I was an RPO there for 10 months and am familiar with the level of stress/intensity of the academy apart from a students personal study time.

So, can anyone shed some light on whether or not group study really is the gospel of the academy, or whether it is more about the emotional/mental positioning of being connected to others?
Can anyone who went the distance alone share their thoughts and experience? Would you do it differently, ie take up having roommates.

Thanks all.