Tell me about ZHU....

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Feb 18, 2011
Los Santos Intl Airport
Looking for some info in ZHU. If my interview goes well, I will be headed to ZHU after the academy (assuming the academy also goes well).

I have 8 years ATC experience with 3 terminal CTO's and have no clue about en route. I am as excited as I could be about the Houston area as that was the area I most preferred to go.

So how is the facility? I only have basic info about ZHU such as its a level 11, very busy, and its located in Houston. Anything else would be greatly appreciated. How tough is it to make the switch from being a semi-proficient tower controller to being an en route guru?

Also, everybody I have talked to has griped about the traffic in Houston, but from what google maps said, IAH is located away from the worst of it. What about the areas nearby? Decent places to live?

Any suggestions on what I can do to get familiar with the en route business other than crack open the .65?
Not open for further replies.