Time on Position for OS


Aug 5, 2014
Kansas City, MO
CPC at MCI. We have a pretty good debate going on in our facility (LVL 8 TWR/TRACON) about time on position for OS's. We're slated to have 5 but currently only have two supervisors. Any other tracon CPC's willing to share how their OS's run their rotations. More specifically, do your OS's sit on position all day with the exception of occasional bathroom break/lunch meal(sometimes even eating on position). OR do your OS's rotate with other CPC's. Well staffed we may be hour on/hour off on the shift. Do your OS's sit there for 6-7 hours of the day? Your thoughts? I believe COVID has created a new culture for how our OS's operate and work. I'm curious about other facilities.

If there was a facility staffed at 60% you bet there would be mandatory overtime for the CPCs. When the OS's are short, do your facilities have them on overtime a lot? Or are more CPC's filling in the CIC role?


Feb 11, 2016
Low level tower/TRACON with 2 supes and a spot that will never get filled as 3rd, one gets probably 3 times the required and the other gets mins plus a little bit. During Covid they were used as manning for a long time.