Traffic Pattern Instructions


May 27, 2019
I am a student pilot flying from and to class D airspace. on arrival after contacting ATC I usually get traffic pattern entry Instructions like: "N123CP" enter left base for runway 9 my question is where do I actually join the traffic pattern or better say how close to the airport I should make my base or downwind entry turn my instructor said I can position the airplane even 5miles away from the runway on a base leg and turn final when I am abeam the runway and make a long final can I be 5 miles away from the airport and join a 45 degree entry to the downwind leg and make a 5 miles long base to final how do I know where to position myself and how far from the runway to actually be in a traffic pattern.
thank you for your help :)


Epic Member
May 24, 2009
If you get told to enter left base, just fly to the normal point that you'd turn base at if you were in the downwind.