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The Silver Bullet
Jul 28, 2009
Ft. Worth, Texas!
Here's the company sites for you to sign up and register, once done with that you may apply for train dispatch positions that are open. There isn't a main site for all like FAA.ASAP, you actually have to do some homework and check them out daily/ weekly for your chance at getting the job posting before it closes. Remember, should you get brought to the Interview, bring your -A- game, do your homework, tell the interviewer history of the company he didn't know, expand on the similarities between ATC and TD. Good Luck to all who find the jobs/ get hired/ apply etc.

Welcome to

Union Pacific

BNSF Railway Company

Norfolk Southern - The Thoroughbred of Transportation | Creating green jobs shipping freight by rail

Mass Coastal Railroad

Metrolink :: Welcome

Search these other companies for possible openings of Train Dispatch or a similar job title.

Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway Co., Inc.
Belt Railway
Birmingham Southern Railroad Company
Canadian National/Illinois Central Railroad
Canadian Pacific Railways
Delta Southern Railroad
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern
Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
ICE/DME/Cedar American Rail Holdings
Indiana Rail Road Company
Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd
Kansas City Southern Railway Company
Long Island Railroad Bulletin Board
Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company
Metro-North Railroad
Minnesota Prairie Line, Inc.
Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corp. (METRA)
Paducah & Louisville Railway, Inc.
Port Authority Trans-Hudson Railroad
Providence & Worcester Railroad
RailAmerica Employment Opportunities
Reading and Northern Railroad
Seminole Gulf Railway LP
Southern California Regional Rail Authority/Metrolink
Transtar Inc.
Twin Cities & Western Railroad Companies
Union Railroad Company Pittsburgh PA
Watco Transportation Services, Inc
Wisconsin & Southern Railroad