Training Supervisor GS Pay


Jul 13, 2009
Our contract facility is going DOD sometime in the next year. Tower Chief will be GS 12, along with our Lead Operations position....but I've been told that they have slotted the Training Supervisor position as be GS-11 along with the other controllers. We have an ongoing training program that churns out anywhere from 3-6 CTO-rated army controllers per year so it's not a 'title' - it's a lot of extra work, (just as much if not more than the FC) that I've been doing for years for zero extra pay under contract, just biding my time until we finally go federal - thinking I'd eventually get rank and pay befitting all the extra B.S. I do.
I know I can try to negotiate a higher step when the time comes but I'm still frustrated. I know there's little else to be done about it but I am putting out there to in hopes of hearing how other DOD facilities handle their Training Sups or any management-type positions other than Facility Chief. Any insight at all would be appreciated!!