Upcoming AT-SA


May 17, 2016
So i guess I made it through the 2016 bid and just scheduled my AT-SA but cant seem to find too much information on whats actually on the test. I have some ATC knowledge but is any of it applicable on this test? Or is it just a test thats gonna mind fu** me for a few hours


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Aug 9, 2016
It's an aptitude test, brand new this year. There isn't much info on it other than from people who took it as guinea pigs.


Nov 16, 2016
I just took the test a few hours ago and it was NOTHING like the practice exams. If anyone has spent time studying the green books or playing those simulator games the individual will surely be surprised. I have done some perusing through these threads and not really seen anyone discussing this new test aside from the biographical assessment. I will do my best to elucidate what is to be expected from the new assessment.

It is still in the "battery" format, however the time alotted to take the test has been cut in half. There are no segments about dials, letter factory, analogies, angles, air traffic scenarios, or applied math. Honest.

The assessment that I took today covered a muriad of subjects. Again, much like the older test, yet it appears to be considerably more difficult and most will find themselves blindsided by its level of difficulty. The games played naturally commence at an elementary level, and gradually increases in difficulty. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Most games have a "Part 2" and the games difficulty exponentially increased. Honest.

Think about it like this.... most candidates for the position, regardless of education or experience, land here in search of test prep materials and general information about what to expect and use whatever information previous test takers have provided to better improve their chances at succeeding. And most likely the materials left here proved helpful for many applicants over the past few years. Maybe that is why literally no amount of test preparation can prepare you for the exam. I hope that I'm making sense here. If you have questions about what the segments were like, I will be glad to go into further detail. This is to serve as a clarion call for subsequent test takers. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

Much love,

K. Roman


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Feb 18, 2014
Pointsixtyfive.com has a more in depth write up of the test, including each section. Just search through the forums there for atsa compilation