Visual Separation Between Arr/Dep Aircraft


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Aug 13, 2017
So we have been having a facility debate about use of visual separation with arrivals and departures and we have several problems and people that don't agree. I'll post the sections below the scenario.

You have parallel runways separated by 750ft. You do not have automatic releases but have an LOA saying tower can provide visual separation between IFR arr/dep, arr/arr, dep/Dep. You have a hard heading of 300 on departure for both aircraft.

You have an IFR citation 1.5 final to Rwy 05L, at that moment you get an IFR release on a Learjet holding short of Rwy 05R. Can you clear the Lear without coordinating for any turns of divergence in the event of a go around? We have numerous ways out if it were to happen but the question is about legality of launching the Lear in the first place.

To use tower applied visual separation you have to have approved separation before and after. You don't have your 2 increasing to 3 because the citation was already 1.5 final. There's an argument that approved separation is the Lear holding short of the runway. SRS wouldn't apply because IFR separation is more correct? What's you opinions here?

Visual Sep 7110.65 7-6-1....
Visual separation may be applied when other
approved separation is assured before and after the
application of visual separation. To ensure that other
separation will exist, consider aircraft performance,
wake turbulence, closure rate, routes of flight, known
weather conditions, and aircraft position. Weather
conditions must allow the aircraft to remain within
sight until other separation exists. Visual separation
is not authorized when the lead aircraft is a super.

Departures 7110.65 5-8-3a
Between aircraft departing the same runway/
helipad or parallel runways/helicopter takeoff
courses separated by less than 2,500 feet− 1 mile if
courses diverge by 15 degrees or more immediately
after departure

TERMINAL. Except as provided in Paragraph
5−8−5, Departures and Arrivals on Parallel or
Nonintersecting Diverging Runways, separate a
departing aircraft from an arriving aircraft on final
approach by a minimum of 2 miles if separation will
increase to a minimum of 3 miles (5 miles when 40
miles or more from the antenna) within 1 minute after