Welcome Back ATC Students


Academy Housing Provider
Apr 22, 2009
Oklahoma City, OK
Looks like things are beginning to come back to life at the Academy. Effective Oct 1st the Academy shuttles begin again and at Isola Bella we are seeing reservations coming in. We are thrilled to see things getting back to normal.

The new per diem rates are out. Short Term classes $87.00 for lodging and $66.00 M&IE per day. For Long Term classes per diem will be $93.80, $52.20 for lodging and $41.60 M&IE. Of course with meals (breakfast daily and dinner Mon - Fri) being included in Isola Bella's rates, students can pocket the difference.

Ace at the Fitness Center is looking forward to the afternoon basketball pick up games.

Isola Bella now has in room phones with no charge for domestic long distance.

Besides the normal Courtesy Cars, again this year Isola Bella will be providing students stranded in OKC over Thanksgiving and Christmas free rental cars to take care of shopping and all those other errands that seem to pop up during the holidays. It will be first come first serve (with 45 cars should not be a problem) and proof of full coverage insurance is required

Some things coming up to look forward to are the Halloween Carnival, Golf Event Nov 3rd (free for Isola Bella guests), and Bricktown shuttle New Year's Eve.

The RedBaron


Aug 18, 2013
I just got told this afternoon I'm heading back for an RTF class that starts on Oct 3. I'm a CPC, if that makes a difference.