What in the Eff is Going On???


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Mar 27, 2012
Pensacola, FL
My timeline:

February 2014: OTS bid
April 2014: AT-SA
July 2014: 1st Tentative Offer TOL
August 2014: 1st Drug screen and MMPI-2
December 2014: put on hold due to military deployment
February 2015: while deployed was told I was put into tier 2
April 2016: 2nd Tentative Offer TOL
April 2016: 2nd FAA Physical
May 2016: 2nd MMPI-2 and 2nd Drug Screen
October 2016: Told I was tier 2 again
July 2017: contacted by Hope and scheduled my tier 2 evaluation
December 2017: contacted my congress women to get some help
January 2018: Congress women told me in a letter there was a mistake on my tier 2 eval I was given the wrong one
January 2018: took the correct MMPI-2 again and passed
June 2018: received a phone call stating I was cleared back in April and they wanted to know if I was interested still. I said YES!
Today 21 June 2018: took refresher for the drug screen. Now just waiting for that FOL!

wow crazy amount of patience lol good luck!