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Senior Analyst
Nov 17, 2008
Lakeville, MN
Does anyone else think we should go back to the white book or am I all alone in this matter?

I honestly believe we get away with way too much now and need to be put back under lock and key.

Anyways just had to get that off my chest!


Retired FAA, NATCA Member
Apr 3, 2009
Nashville TN
All I can say "Are you INSANE?" FAA management abused the controller workforce under the white book, they totally ignored most of their own employment regulations to in their words take back the system. Not all managers became intolerable tyrants, a few tried to be fair and honest with their controllers, but upper management usually made life difficult for these individuals too. I know several FAA managers who retired because they felt that they could not stand by what upper FAA management wanted them to do.

There has to be a balance that forces management and the unions to work together, the word is "TEAMWORK", to ensure a safe, efficient, and fair work place so that we can maintain the Safest ATC system posible. This means when an error occurs we look for causes and fix them to hopefully prevent them from happening again, it doesn't mean we hang someone out to dry, we work together to develop new equipment and procedures, etc..

No, going back to the whitebook would be STUPID, and unproductive. Much of the problem with FAA management is that it is overwhellmed with individuals who have absolutely no business being in management becasue they lack the education, training, and skills to be decision makers.
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