ZAE (Aero-Center Map) test.....


Sep 18, 2008
I remember drawing that ENTIRE ZOA map too, omg...I was about to kill myself hahaha. You know who came up w/ that idea? Is that lady in charge from the training department that's what i heard she change the policy on those maps. New developmental had to draw the entire ZOA maps whereas before just the Area maps that you are assigned to..

It's was the same at ZMA. First we had to draw the entire ZMA airspace in after you passed that, you had to draw your area of responsibility in more detail. All that made Aero Center look like drawing stick figures.
I bought a clear erasable sheet that I taped over the blank map. I used a grease-pencil and started drawing/writing all I could remember with the map nearby for reference. I would draw until I could no longer remember stuff. I would then erase the entire drawing and start over. I did this until I could draw the whole thing from memory.


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Dec 8, 2010
Peachtree City, GA
The easiest way to do a map is this: (note not the best way to remember stuff for later but perfect for drawing a map)

1. Whatever you do, do it in the same order every time. NO exceptions.

2. Start with VORs. Work a pattern, same order every time. When you can get them all then move on.

3. Airways - Again use a pattern. Plus draw your VORs first again then airways. Same order every time.

4. From here just add whatever(all the airports, mileages, intersections, etc.) Do all of one type first and continue with your pattern. VORS first, then Airways, then Airports, Intersections, etc.... Do it all in the same order the same way every time and you will be golden.

I learned the Enroute map in 1 saturday while watching football. Just stick to the pattern.

**This is the not the best way to do it if you really want to retain the information but the easiest way to learn a map**

It will come in handy if you are going to a Center because (at least at ZME) we had to know all the Victor airways in the whole center. This was useless. I am in the East area, and I don't give a rats A$$ what the airways are in the west area 200 miles a way. But I just did my pattern and it worked.


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Feb 8, 2014
I wouldn't bother learning it ahead of time, they give you like 2.5 weeks to memorize it, it only takes about 3 days of dedicated studying. I'm sure someone is willing to put one on here or PM it to you, but I don't know what the policy of sharing academy material is.
Oh ok that good to know, thanks