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I saw your comment in the thread, I requested my records 3/22/19 and they just got sent yesterday 8/2. How about yours?
Hi there.

Just wondering if you still work at ILG? I have an opportunity to come there as a developmental. How do you like it? I am originally from the Philly area (King of Prussia). How is the training there? How long to CPC? How do you like the work culture there? I appreciate any and all help.

T. Overton
Hey did you ever figure out what the number at the end if mmpi 2 meant? I saw your post from awhile ago and was jusy curious.
If you interested in relocating to the DC area there will be an opening for ATSS AUTOMATION here in Warrenton VA soon.
Hey just wanted to clarify you got your TOL on the 9th?

Your the first person Iv seen get on after the original tol’s were sent out
Hey, I see you worked at FBK before. I'm working at BIG in Alaska as a contractor. I plan to stay here a few years but I'd like to possibly get hired DoD to something close by. Like Ladd or JBLM, without taking a huge pay cut. Out of curiosity, is it possible to see anywhere online how much FBK controllers make?