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Hey would you mind sharing the link to the game you posted on here in 2018? I am going to take atc test at meps soon
Thank you
Here at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, we are radically improving the training and education in Air Traffic Control you will receive before going to the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. We teach a University version of the Academy non-radar course and ERAM EDST entry radar course. One of the best tower simulators in the country.
Wie wäre es mit dem Wasserhahn der Keramikspule?
Der Kern des Wasserhahns ist der Ventilkern.Um einen hochwertigen Wasserhahn auszuwählen, müssen Sie zuerst die Spule des Küchenarmatur verstehen. Übliche Spulen sind heute: Edelstahlspulen, Kupferspulen und Keramikspulen.
I saw your comment in the thread, I requested my records 3/22/19 and they just got sent yesterday 8/2. How about yours?
Hi there.

Just wondering if you still work at ILG? I have an opportunity to come there as a developmental. How do you like it? I am originally from the Philly area (King of Prussia). How is the training there? How long to CPC? How do you like the work culture there? I appreciate any and all help.

T. Overton
Hey did you ever figure out what the number at the end if mmpi 2 meant? I saw your post from awhile ago and was jusy curious.